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Wildlife Services

A wetland project will sometimes trigger a wildlife habitat evaluation. B & C Associates has qualified personnel to perform these evaluations and provide the required reports for your wetland permit application.

Increasingly, many projects are falling within Endangered Species and Priority Habitats. B & C Associates works with the State of Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program to ensure all required permits are attained for those prospective projects.

Occasionally, there is a question of whether or not a vernal pool exists within a proposed project site. B & C Associates can perform studies when needed to determine if a depression is a potential vernal pool under both state guidelines and local bylaws.

Soila Analysis

Wetland vegetation does not always give a true indication of the wetland boundary. B & C Associates provides soil analysis to perform more exact wetland boundary delineations. B & C Associates also provides soils analysis in areas that have been previously disturbed.

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