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Welcome to B & C Associates Inc.

B & C Associates Inc. is a wetland consulting firm specializing in wetland delineations, wetland replications and wildlife habitat evaluations.

We prepare all permitting forms and provide full representation to help move your project through the entire permitting process.

B & C Associates has worked on both private and public sector projects in over 170 cities and towns across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We work with homeowners, businesses, land surveyors, civil engineers, architects and land developers on all types of projects involving wetlands.

We have worked with numerous local, state and federal agencies on various types of projects and sites requiring peer reviews, delineations, monitoring and all other aspects of wetland permitting.

Please click on the contact tab above, or the email address below, and tell us about your project!

Wetland Delineation

Wetland Replication

Wetland Restoration

Vernal Pools

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